Royalty Free Stock Business Clipart by Leo Blanchette

  1. Confused Yellow Man with a Questionmark over His Head
  2. Yellow Business Man Holding a Large Skeleton Key
  3. Yellow Business Man Giving the Thumbs up and the Thumbs down
  4. White Men and Numbers
  5. Confused Red Business Man Thinking
  6. Olive Green Genie Emerging from a Golden Lamp with Question Marks
  7. Navy Blue Man Fighting Aliens
  8. Gray Men Shaking Hands on a Business Deal
  9. Gray Business Man Pushing a Blank Sign Upright
  10. Brown Man Drawing a Circle on a Blueprint
  11. Brown Man Jumping and Breaking Away from a Ball and Chain, Symbolizing Freedom from Debt or Divorce
  12. Light Blue Man Reading a Book in a Chair
  13. Lime Green Man Leaning Against a Wall
  14. Brown Man Leaning on a Table and Gesturing with One Hand During a Meeting
  15. Pink Man Working on a Laptop on a Table
  16. Yellow Men Using Laptops in an Internet Cafe
  17. Purple Man Carrying a Yellow Question Mark
  18. Smart Purple Man Brainstorming and Writing Ideas down in a Notebook
  19. White Business Man Presenting a Dollar Sign Puzzle
  20. Denim Blue Man Reading Papers and Documents
  21. Businessman at a Desk