Royalty Free Stock Business Clipart by Prawny

  1. Silhouetted People in a Board Meeting over Blue
  2. Successful Businessman Standing on a Tall Hill
  3. Business Team with Copyright Symbols
  4. Business Team Carrying Yellow Light Bulbs over Green
  5. Successful Business People Carrying Question Marks
  6. Successful White Businesswoman Carrying a Folder
  7. Blond Business Man in a Blue Suit, Holding a Thumb up
  8. Successful Caucasian Business Team on a Map of Europe
  9. Successful Business Man Sitting on a Key
  10. Successful Blue Haired Businesswoman Carrying a Pound Symbol
  11. Happy White Businessman Holding a Blank Light Bulb Business Card
  12. Businessman Sitting at His Desk on a Globe
  13. Graph of Arrows and Business People
  14. Business People Holding Globe Signs
  15. Caucasian Businessman Holding a Red Landline Phone
  16. White Businessman with a Party Brain
  17. Happy Businessman with a Slot Head and Pound Coins
  18. Successful Business Man on Target
  19. Happy White Businessman Sitting on a Bench and Eating Lunch
  20. Bald Businessman Holding a Pain Sign
  21. Business Man Using a Computer